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A totally free Linux web hosting account?

We believe that any company doing business in Costa Rica and earning money from the economy of Costa Rica should give something back to the country. With that in mind, a few times each year, we will award a free web hosting account, complete with full email and technical support to some deserving organization.

How does your organization qualify?

Here is a list of the minimum requirements and rules:

* Your organization must be non-profit
* Your organization must serve the common public interest of the citizens and residents of Costa Rica
* Your web site must not contain any promotional banners or other advertising related to any for-profit organization.
* Your organization must not be related to nor promote any political party or affiliation.
* The organization CAN be part of the Government of Costa Rica, but it may NOT advocate any one political party nor advocate nor promote any laws, treaties, or other political policies.
* The website must indicate on every web page that the hosting is being provided free of charge by TicoSites and must contain the necessary coding to link to our website.
* The website must be in English, Spanish or both.
* The site must not promote nor link to any one religious organization, but may be a part of a religious organization. In other words, the site must not be religious in nature.
* Preference will be given to Costa Rica citizens
* Ownership of the organization must be made public on the web site.
* If you do not receive the free hosting, you may re-apply at any time.

Examples of web sites that would meet the above requirements might be: children's advocacy group, organizations promoting non violence toward women and children, organizations promoting family values, or others.

To apply for this program, please email us complete details on your organization, and provide us with the necessary web address of your current web site. If none is available, describe in detail what it is exactly that your organization does.

To apply, contact us via email.


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